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The two recent incidents of kidnapping-rape of minors by rickshaw drivers have revealed the security measures in place in public spaces. Although Pune Police and RTO have taken steps to penalize rickshaw drivers for various offenses, this is an afterthought. Readers share what steps could be taken to raise gender awareness among rickshaw drivers and improve public transport safety standards.

Let her travel safely 24/7

If India is to achieve true gender equality, we must ensure that Indian women and girls can travel safely and easily 24/7 to any destination of their choice just like men. Indians. Thus, ensuring safe public transport is a step towards gender equality, improving their ability to participate in educational, professional and social activities and generally improving the participation of women and girls in public life. After the Nirbhaya rape case in 2012, the subject of women’s safety, especially in public transport, came to the fore. The Justice Verma committee was formed to investigate women’s safety issues. The committee was assisted by a team of young lawyers, law students and academics. The committee submitted its report in 2013 itself, but unfortunately many of the committee’s recommendations have yet to be implemented.

A proactive approach can make a huge difference in reducing social and heinous crimes like rape and sexual harassment of women and girls. The control of documents, the imposition of fines on rickshaw drivers are part of the “reactive approach”, are important, have a disciplinary impact which unfortunately fades over time if it is not implemented on an ongoing basis. A multidisciplinary approach must be put in place. Social and reform actions to address the core social norms and values ​​of those engaged in the use of auto rickshaws and similar modes of public transport are the need of the hour. Providing a safe transport environment for women is directly linked to the achievement of gender equality guaranteed by the Constitution of India. Every rickshaw driver and staff employed in the public transport system should be required to attend a full-day workshop on gender awareness and related topics every year, in which character checks become an integral part. . Education on women’s laws and penalties for violations should be part of these workshops. Such workshops can also help to develop a common database of rickshaw drivers and other public transport operators. Such workshops should be held throughout the year in all districts of India. A “Women’s Transport Commission” should be formed, and these workshops and the system can be implemented through such a commission, which can work under the aegis of the Ministry of Women and Women’s Development. ‘child. The police system alone cannot deal with the subject. The police system can, on the other hand, work on the disciplinary and punitive approach. The government needs to invest significantly in public transport, which helps provide a safe and convenient transport system for women, thereby reducing their dependence on private modes and autorickshaws. Today, women are forced to travel on crowded buses, which is very unpleasant for them. Police patrols and CCTV vigilance should be stepped up in isolated locations. Sexual harassment mainly occurs in crowded or isolated places.

Satya muley

Issuing the driver’s license only after the awareness program

The basic reason for this crime is the lack of understanding of the law, education and value building. A study of rickshaw, taxi and truck drivers found that most of them are Class 10 passes and are licensed for business. If government authorities have made Class 10 mandatory for driving public transport vehicles, a training class should also be made mandatory for them. In Germany, a professional qualification or certification is required as a basic requirement to start any business and drivers must complete a mandatory 15-day orientation based on value creation and the ethical way of doing business and financial understanding. The country also rewards those who work with seriousness and honesty. India should also formulate such programs for those starting up businesses and in the service sector. The background check of those who receive a driver’s license should be carried out as for the issuance of a passport. A guarantor should be regarded as a business license. Basically, a compensator responsible for the behavior of the person might be another way of looking at it. Although these steps are strict, they must be implemented to control these types of crimes. Typically, rickshaw drivers face a lot of criticism from the public because of their style of work. CCTV camera surveillance on major highways will allow their activities to be monitored. A 24/7 helpline, such as an ambulance, could be set up for public transport, where a passenger in distress can call for help.

Sachin Bendré

PMPML in bad shape for a reason

Policymakers have intentionally kept the Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMMPL) public public transport service as an underdeveloped public asset for decades to help the automotive, petroleum and ancillary industries. This sabotaged PMPML being the safest primary choice of intra-urban transportation for the masses. PMPML’s mismanagement of operations resulted in losses. This resulted in poorly maintained buses without a comfort or safety system, features that are commonly found around the world today in other developing countries like India.

Pushkar Kulkarni

Overhaul of the public transport system

Women who use public transport feel exposed to physical or verbal assault, sexual harassment and other forms of violence or unwanted behavior. It is a problem that has ripple effects that can last a lifetime, not only for the person affected, but also for families and communities. The painful truth is that our community is not immune to these societal problems. Technology can help law enforcement investigate reports of crime and hold people accountable for their behavior. All trips organized in the app GPS tracking for every trip means there is a record of the exact time and location of the trips – providing accurate and objective information. Team of law enforcement professionals who are on call to work with police 24/7 to meet urgent needs. For this we need cooperation between stakeholders, education and training of transport workers, public awareness and use of digital technology.

Vaishali Patkar

Promote female rickshaw drivers

Promote female rickshaw drivers. An OTP-based application by the Road Transport Bureau (RTO) / Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) where a user enters the registration number of the rickshaw and the PTO will be approved by the passenger and rickshaw owner for monitor the start and end of the trip. A mandatory SOS system in these public transport facilities should also be put in place.

Bhushan Chincholkar

Self-defense is the only solution

Women drivers can also contribute to empowerment. We need more security cameras and strict actions against even minor infractions. There should be data open on the rickshaw registration number to verify details before getting into a car. Drivers must have received training and orientation before giving and renewing the automobile license. In addition, authorities should consider increasing the frequency of buses. It would also help if we had basic martial arts training and safety movement training for working children and women. The last one here is not to blame the victims but to put motorists on their guard, something similar to the philosophy of arms in the United States, not trusting anyone and focusing on self-defense. The subversion of women is not given importance even by women, let alone men, in our Indian society. Except maybe for a few thinkers. I don’t really know what the solution can be. Education to a certain extent, but it will not be enough.

Aditi kale

Punish the culprits

Cases of kidnapping and rape of minors are a matter of serious concern. Pune was considered safe for women. The need of the hour is “safe” Pune and not “smart” Pune. Those in power – politicians, police and the judiciary – must rise above politics and religion and ensure that the culprits are not spared. Justice delayed is justice denied. The punishment must be swift and severe. All rickshaw and taxi unions themselves should have a system to verify the credentials of their members and a set of guidelines.

Maithily Manekwad.


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